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Home Security

Know you're safe.

The desire to protect your living space and feel secure is an instinct we all share. No-one should have to worry, neither at home nor away.
Our smart technology will keep a constant, watchful eye over your property, allowing you to relax until there’s cause for concern.

Intruder Alarms

Our intruder alarm systems are extremely easy to use and provide robust protection for your home.
Home security will be as simple as a key and a code.

24-hour Monitoring

Security that never sleeps.
Our alarm systems remain permanently online and linked to a dedicated monitoring station. Alerts will be immediately investigated.

Mobile Viewing

Feel at home when you’re on the move.
With our remotely accessible CCTV, a quick visual check of your property will be within one click, wherever you are. You can even zoom, pan and tilt.

Pet-friendly Sensors

Furry friends, not foes.
Our advanced motion sensors know the difference between pets and intruders, so there’ll be no false alarms.

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